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Giulia Nati, our founder, boasts over ten years of experience in the world of Social and Communication. In the now past 2014, driven by her strong passion for the world of professional and impactful Digital, she decided to open her first office, in the heart of Milan, thus allowing that strong passion to flow into something concrete and touchable with hand: a Luxury Digital boutique totally in pink!

With its 42 m2, the first GNA soon became the mecca of those still unaware of what the world would be like today, where social media is an integral part of the life of each of us. The far-sighted Giulia certainly wasn’t selling pret a porter, but rather Haute Couture beauty.

Customers increased dramatically and from a team of only 2 people, within three years, not only did the number rise to around 20, but there was also an upgrade in terms of space: the birth of a new headquarters, still in the heart of Milan, currently the backbone of the GNA.

Giulia Nati’s hunger knows no brakes, so why not approach customers from other areas of Italy, especially in Southern Italy, so as to guarantee them an even more attentive and effective service? Nothing is impossible and in 2022 the Giulia Nati Agency was born in the heart of Posillipo, an elegant residential hillside district of the city of Naples, with a breathtaking view of Capri.

Dreams are desires, but up to a certain point! Certainly not for Giulia who also conquered the Gulf with sacrifices and successes. Well yes, always in love with Dubai, 2023 literally took her not to seventh heaven, but to the 22nd, with the opening of the third totally in pink jewelery store, in the heart of Business Bay, in one of the most exclusive buildings with view of the Burj Khalifa.

Today the GNA company boasts a team of experts and professionals ready to resolve any doubts and problems of the conspicuous customer base built up over time. Giulia is tireless and will surprise us again, but today she can do nothing but be proud of her expanding empire, while remaining the humble girl ever, with an immense heart, even if, as she is keen to underline: “it will never be so as great as the thanks we say to every client of the agency, choosing us every day and entrusting their business to us”.


GNA stands for? Giulia Nati Agency in form, but in substance these three words contain future, innovation, beauty, avant-garde, refinement and diversity. GNA makes dreams come true, through the high range of services it offers, based on a format created by Giulia herself, who loves to be the one to ensure that everything always goes smoothly, with obsessive and detailed control.

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