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Among our most requested services are online advertising campaigns, they are pure online advertising or lead generation campaigns and today an organic component to multiple online activities, which cannot be ignored to obtain incredible results. Needless to say, the GNA is number one on this front!

Planning is a fundamental part and must be structured according to a targeted marketing strategy with the aim of harmonizing the management of online promo campaigns through a mix of platforms such as Google ADS and Facebook ADV.

In order to have excellent management of digital advertising, our agency supports this management with a peculiar setting of measurement metrics, perfectly integrated with marketing automation tools.

Our web advertising proposal offers:

  • Creating adverts.
  • Creation of effective advertising campaigns.
  • Identification of the most suitable targeting.
  • Inclusion of Ads campaigns within an effective marketing strategy.
  • Choice of the most favorable communication channels for your business.

An AdWords campaign requires several phases before its initialization, so that the ads created are strong in advertising the company. The GNA, therefore, undertakes to rigorously follow these introductory steps:

  • Analysis of your business, products or services, to build a clear vision of your offer.
  • Study of competitors and advertising channels used by the competition.
  • Development of landing pages with clear and specific objectives (where requested by the customer).
  • Choice of keywords based on relevance, search volume and PPC (cost per click).
  • Identification of negative keywords that allow us to exclude specific terms from campaigns, thus preventing the ad from appearing. This phase is crucial to safeguard your budget as it avoids showing an advert to those who have a search intent that differs from your proposal.
  • Creation of targeted ads with effective copy.
  • Connecting landing pages to Google Analytics to track all traffic.

First of all, it is good to underline that our agency has its own working method that allows it to beat its competitors from all points of view. Furthermore, we present some winning advantages introduced by GNA to make the most of and support the management of your Ads campaigns:

  • Web advertising consultancy, in which we make our skills and resources available to ensure solid support.
  • Monthly reports with statistics and analysis of the results obtained, with the identification of ROI improvement actions.
  • Complete control of Google and social campaigns and constant optimization of the account with professional tools.
  • Experienced team available.
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