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Before focusing on the strategies and activities that allow a company to exploit merchandising for its visibility, let’s answer a simple question: What is MERCHANDISING?

Generally, merchandising includes the actions and activities carried out for the purpose of supporting the sale of the product once it is allocated at the point of sale.

Going deeper, merchandising involves the optimization activities of aspects such as the display of products, their presentation and organization within the point of sale (Visual merchandising).

From another point of view, merchandising refers to the marketing of objects, gadgets and, more generally, products that are not immediately identifiable in the company’s core business, even if sold under that brand. Example? Walt Disney selling various types of products.

Our agency allows you to make the most of merchandising also in terms of its function as a loyalty tool. Everyday accessories, clothing and other objects that we display publicly. By using the merchandising object, a brand is able to establish a usual relationship with its customers and sometimes transform them into brand ambassadors.

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